"We all need to get behind the Leatherhead Community Hub and help it to reach its full potential. It is by the community and for the community, and exactly what the community needs and deserves. Those involved have proved their authenticity, their worth, their ability and their ethics again and again, and they know how to skilfully stretch funds to ensure absolute value for money. This project is a shining light right at the heart of things, and a great, plump seed full of promise and hope. The seed has been sown with love and imagination, but we all need to feed and water it – if we help it on its way, it can blossom and we will all benefit in so many ways. LCH is all about the good things in life, and about the life we all say we want – we just have to help make that life happen."

Lucy Quinnell (Managing Director of Fire and Iron Gallery)

North Leatherhead is not well served with facilities, a combined “Hub” building is a real boost for the various organisations that work within the community. I have supported the refurbishment of the former NLCA building with £3,000 from the Surrey County Council Local Allowance. Various businesses and funds have also supported it already. But we need to raise much more than that. Can you help? Every little helps! "

Tim Hall (Surrey County Councillor for Leatherhead and Fetcham East)

"The team behind the LCH have work phenomenally hard to create a warm, welcoming and creative space in the heart of the North Leatherhead community and I am so excited to see the plans they have to develop the Hub yet further, with a wellbeing garden and community café. Their vision for and commitment to the families of North Leatherhead is an inspiration to us all and one which I wholeheartedly support. I hope you will too."

Keira Vyvyan-Robinson (Mole Valley District Councillor for North Leatherhead)