Our vision

A vibrant, caring and hope-filled community where everyone matters and belongs

Our mission

To create a safe, beautiful and welcoming space in the heart of North Leatherhead where people of all ages can connect, learn, have fun and find the support they need to thrive.

Our values

We are:


We care deeply about people and always put them first.


We strive to be kind and welcoming, offering time, space and a listening ear to all.


We love finding new and imaginative ways for people to use, grow and share their gifts.


We want to be shaped by the opportunities and ideas that come from within the community.


We believe the best of every person and are trustworthy and committed in all we do.

Next steps

A hugely successful crowdfunding campaign in recent months has enabled us to draw up plans for the major restructuring work required for us to open fully and operate to our full capability in early 2022. Top of the list of our requirements is the installation of a fully accessible community café and toilet facilities. In the meantime, we are constantly looking for how best to use the space and grounds to support the community as much as we can.

Once fully open, we are keen to work with local groups who are committed to North Leatherhead and the aims of LCH. We have already had many such enquiries and if you would like to register your interest please use this link.